Week 36

I started working from home full time this week.  Here’s why!  I went to my weekly appointment with Dr. Cox and I had noticed that I had started swelling more and then I developed a rash.  As Dr. Cox was doing her measurements, I measured way far ahead of where I was supposed to be.  This wasn’t a huge cause for concern, but since I had been having contractions, Dr. Cox had me hooked up fetal monitor to check things out.  I was having fairly steady contractions for a few minutes at a time, but then they would die out.  Lillie’s heart beat sounded great, too!  Dr. Cox decided that I was swelling so much, that it was time for me to start to take it easier.  Well as you can imagine, that’s hard for me.  I still had so much to do!  Also at this point, Dr. Cox thought it would be a good idea to order another sonogram to see how big Lillie had gotten.  She was concerned that Lillie had gotten to be too big and we may have to be induced!  Well, first and foremost was our health, so I went to my office to meet with my boss and explain to him the situation.  He simply said, I don’t want you to go into labor here, so stay in touch and do as much as you can from home.  So I packed up my things and home I went.  We took the rest of the week fairly easy.  

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