I mean seriously, who ever thought we could go to Florida and pull off what I consider to be the upset of the year. I certainly didn't, but that didn't stop me from cheering on my Rebels today! and after a mild heart attack or 2, I can say it was the best day of football in my pajamas I've had in a long time. Shelby thinks we are crazy because Matt and I were yelling at the TV and jumping around. But seriously, it's our 1st SEC win since 2006 and over Florida, the #4 team in the country. WOW!!!!! Let's hope this gives us the boost we need to make this a great season!



My favorite summer picture!

Here is my favorite picture from the summer!

Labor Day Fun!

ashley and carter

johnny and emily

me and emily

matt and johnny

me and matt

We had a blast at the lake for Labor Day! Above are some pictures from us with our friends! It was a great weekend and a big party as always!


Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is Matt's 28th birthday! I am so excited to be celebrating another birthday with him, even though this years' celebration will much more tame than in years past. In previous years, we have celebrated: in 2004 by driving to Washington DC to help me move into my new apartment, in 2005 by spending a wild labor day weekend at the lake with my family and Matt's (refugees from Hurricane Katrina); in 2006 by getting engaged and having a surprise party (it was a surprising weekend for both of us!); in 2007 with a dinner party at our house and a blow out at the lake. Well 2008 hasn't been too different, we did have a blow out weekend for Labor Day, but it came a week early this year. So we celebrated, but it wasn't focused on just Matt. This weekend, we are headed to the lake, but we are being low-key. family dinner, Ole Miss football tomorrow!!

Next weekend will be another celebration as 2 of Matt's closest friends celebrate birthdays this month. So there wives' and I have put a day of fun together, but it is a surprise for the guys, so I'll post about it next week!

Hope everyone has an uneventful and restful weekend!

I'll post Labor Day pics as soon as my home computer starts to cooperate!