We had our first Thanksgiving at our house. My parents came in town on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We had dinner at our house around 5. It was great. Matt & I did the turkey, squish salad (my Nana's recipe) and asparagus with a horseradish cream sauce. My mom made her special creamed corn, baked yams, and brought the team and wine. The most important thing...the WINE! Matt's mom brought her special stuffing and Jessica made two wonderful desserts...pumpkin cheesecake and a cranberry/pear pie. We had a wonderful day and enjoyed being together so much. We have so much to be Thankful for. Below are some pictures from our fun day!

Matt preparing our 18 pound turkey!
My "tablescape"....
The finished product! We were so proud and it was SOOOOO good!

Family Christmas Card Picture!
of course it was raining!!

Girls night

Brynnen came in town for a "work" visit! It was so fun to see her. Laurin, Brynnen, Brynnen's co-worker Melissa, and I went to dinner at the B'oundry! We had a blast and way TOOOO much wine! But it was fun....Pictures of desert below....

LSU vs Ole Miss

Well once again, we made the trek to Oxford. On Friday, we got there in time for dinner. We met my family at Doe's. It was so fun to see everyone! We didn't do too much that night as we wanted to ready for the next day. Saturday morning arrived and we got up and dressed, and headed to the square to do a little shopping...which was Matt's idea...I swear. We ended up going to Hinton and Hinton and buying Matt some new pants...In case any of you are looking for nice durable khakis, we bought Matt a pair of Bill's Khaki's. They are great and really tough! Which is good because Matt goes through pants like crazy!
Anyway, we went to the Grove, which was packed and got to meet Laurin's new boyfriend! Wes seems like a great guy and he was a great sport! Our tent is so much fun but a lot to take in! So anyway, the day was a great day! We danced, got to see great friends and even Elvis! Even some of friends from Washington were in town! Below is my friend Emily from Washington! It was such a fun surprise to see her! I just hate we couldn't spend more time together!

So as the night wore on, the dance party started. Below is a pic of Matt and I dancing. It's always fun at the LSU game...
OOPS! Did I forget to mention the game?? I can't imagine why...Of course the Rebels lost...big shocker...but I must say, they let Brent Schaffer play...and he was good. Where has he been??

Thanksgiving----well sort of!

Matt and I decided to have both of our families to our new house for Thanksgiving! We were so excited, but a little nervous. We had never smoked a turkey before. So in typical fashion, we assembled all of our friends and had a "trial run". We bought a 14 pound turkey and fired up the Big Green Egg and went for it. The turkey turned out great and we ended up having a great time with our friends over.

November means my birthday!

I can't believe it's been the whole month of November and I haven't posted yet. It's been a busy month...

The first couple of days of November as always my favorite, as it leads up to my birthday! Laurin and I started the celebration on Friday, November 2. As our birthdays are 1 week to the day apart, we always do a celebration together. So we had lunch at Moe's. A favorite mexican food!!!

On Saturday, I got a treat. Matt gave me a gift certificate to get a massage before the wedding and I finally got my chance to use it. It was great to do a little shopping and then get a massage and then do a little more shopping. Saturday night, we did my birthday dinner. We went to Valentino's. I had never been there before but what a great Italian restaurant. We had a fabulous meal. Beef carpaccio, pasta, and grilled seafood! It was a treat.

After dinner, we went back to our neck of the woods and met some friends for birthday drinks! It is always a treat when people come to Franklin to hang out with us! We love it! However, we called it an early night. We had Titans tickets the next day!
Sunday morning we got up and went downtown to the Titans game. One of Matt's colleagues had given us tickets. So we had amazing club seats. Which is always nice!!! The Titans played a great game! We really enjoyed our afternoon, but it was HOT! We took coats and wore jeans and about melted!!!!
Monday was my big day! I finally turned 27! I don't feel any different. Imagine that....it was a good day at work...but working on your birthday is not fun...but as my mom put it...welcome to the grown up world! So the day passed and Matt picked me up from work to go meet friends for drinks! We had plans to go to cool springs, however, as we left my office, the sirens started going off and we were about to have a tornado!!! Needless to say we got stuck in all kinds of traffic and decided to call the night off in favor of doing things another night. However, as we sat in traffic, we went right by one of our favorite hang outs in Brentwood, Cross Corner, and decided it would be better to sit in a bar than in traffic. So we called everyone who was supposed to meet us and they agreed what a better spot. So Matt & I met Bill, Cindy, Marsha, Art, Johnny & Emily for drinks! We ended up staying for dinner and had a great time! Thanks to everyone who joined us! You made my birthday great!
About 9:30 Matt and I headed home! What a great birthday! Thanks to all of my friends and family who remembered me and called me on my birthday! It was great to hear from all of you and I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to everyone...but I love you all!!

Completing October....

So November has once again been a crazy month around the Henson household. As always we are traveling and getting settled. So here goes on updating you since our last post. I was in Boulder Colordao for several days for work. I came back and realized my iPod was stolen while in the airport. DIRTY THIEVES! I couldn't believe they took my old iPod. However, I was really glad they didn't dig deeper in the pocket of my bag because as the airport people tell you to carry your jewelry and valuables on the airplane, I of course had my jewelry in the same pouch as my iPod. At least someone was looking out for me. Well, I finally got home at midnight from the airport, saw Matt about 20 minutes before I passed out from exhaustion and of course the next morning, Matt left to go out of town for work.

I met him at the lake for the weekend. It was so nice to just relax and sleep...I was able to catch up a good bit! We went for a walk and got some exercise. Also, it was cold, so we just curled up and watched football. Sometimes there is nothing better than curling up and taking it easy...Of course, our beloved Rebels weren't on TV. Which was actually a blessing...Auburn beat up on us pretty good...Imagine that....

We came home on Sunday morning in time to watch the Titans game...They are always fun. We went to the grocery store and bought tons of candy as Halloween was approaching...

Halloween in our neighborhood is so fun. We live in a great neighborhood full of kids and so of course we had tons of trick-o-treaters!!! We saw everything for an adorable Minnie Mouse to scary Goblins to our cute neighbors who were a Transformer and a chicken (at least I think she was a chicken). Taylor had half of her costume off by the time they got to our house. All and all it was a fun holiday and a fun night...