The Rebels are bowl eligible! For the first time since 2003! Where will we go? I can't wait to find out! GO REBS!

NO, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth!

Contrary to popular opinion, Matt and I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. We have just been so busy lately, something had to go...and blogging was it. We are (thankfully) spending our first weekend at home this weekend since September. It has been so nice this weekend not to pack a bag and get in the car to go somewhere. I won't bore you to death with the details of our travels, but needless to say it has been a very busy fall. On the list of cities we have visited: Boulder, CO, Charleston, SC, Jackson, MS, Oxford, MS, and Tuscaloosa, AL. Here are some pictures of our travels...



I mean seriously, who ever thought we could go to Florida and pull off what I consider to be the upset of the year. I certainly didn't, but that didn't stop me from cheering on my Rebels today! and after a mild heart attack or 2, I can say it was the best day of football in my pajamas I've had in a long time. Shelby thinks we are crazy because Matt and I were yelling at the TV and jumping around. But seriously, it's our 1st SEC win since 2006 and over Florida, the #4 team in the country. WOW!!!!! Let's hope this gives us the boost we need to make this a great season!



My favorite summer picture!

Here is my favorite picture from the summer!

Labor Day Fun!

ashley and carter

johnny and emily

me and emily

matt and johnny

me and matt

We had a blast at the lake for Labor Day! Above are some pictures from us with our friends! It was a great weekend and a big party as always!


Happy Birthday Matt!

Today is Matt's 28th birthday! I am so excited to be celebrating another birthday with him, even though this years' celebration will much more tame than in years past. In previous years, we have celebrated: in 2004 by driving to Washington DC to help me move into my new apartment, in 2005 by spending a wild labor day weekend at the lake with my family and Matt's (refugees from Hurricane Katrina); in 2006 by getting engaged and having a surprise party (it was a surprising weekend for both of us!); in 2007 with a dinner party at our house and a blow out at the lake. Well 2008 hasn't been too different, we did have a blow out weekend for Labor Day, but it came a week early this year. So we celebrated, but it wasn't focused on just Matt. This weekend, we are headed to the lake, but we are being low-key. family dinner, Ole Miss football tomorrow!!

Next weekend will be another celebration as 2 of Matt's closest friends celebrate birthdays this month. So there wives' and I have put a day of fun together, but it is a surprise for the guys, so I'll post about it next week!

Hope everyone has an uneventful and restful weekend!

I'll post Labor Day pics as soon as my home computer starts to cooperate!


Shelby loves the boat!

By the 4th of July, I had finally gotten Shelby a life jacket. As you can tell, she loved it! She got to spend all day on the boat with us! She wouldn't jump off the back of the boat, but she liked when Matt lowered her into the water. She swam in circles. We aren't sure what that was about though!

We have sort of taken a bloggin break. I have several more pictures and will upload them when I get home. I probably shouldn't be doing this at work, but oh-well! Everything is going well at the Henson household. Just busy from the summer and trying to stay cool in the heat. I'll post more later.


Welcome to the world, Baby Hayden!

Today is a very special day. (and selfishly for me, a little sad)! One of my very best friends from childhood had her first baby today. a healthy baby boy! Lauren and Micah Mize welcomed precious, Hayden Joel, to the world this afternoon. He weighed 7lbs 1oz! and I can't believe he's here and I missed it! I really had wanted to go to Jackson for his birth, but was unable to take off work. SO SAD! But Court made sure I knew what was going on and sent me the below pictures of the Hayden. (thanks Court!) He's just adorable! Lauren and baby are doing great and I can't wait to see her and meet him in August!

Oxford and wedding!

The weekend of June 21, Matt and I were off to Oxford. Our dear friends, Ashleigh and Ross, were getting married! We had a blast getting to see our friends and spend time with some people we don't get to see very often! Congrats to the happy couple! and We can't wait to see y'all in August!


A Trip to Southern California

A much needed vacation finally came. The second week of June found Matt and I on a plane headed to San Diego. We went out to meet my parents and brother in sunny California for some much needed rest, relaxation and golf! The guys spent their days at the US Open at Torrey Pines. Mom and I spent our days sightseeing, relaxing and visiting all the great things about San Diego. We went to the Scripps aquarium, which was amazing, we also spent some time at Hotel del Coronado, the oldest wooden hotel in the US, then we headed up to Rancho Santa Fe, where there is quite possibly, more money than the rest of the world has ever seen! We are talking teenagers driving Bentley's as a learning car. It was amazing too!!! On Saturday, Mom and I took a side trip to LA! We both had never been there and it was amazing!!! See pictures from our amazing trip!!!

We also celebrated Father's Day while we were in California! So another belated wish to my dad! You are the best and we love you very much!

End of May/ Beginning of June

May ended with us on the road again. For Memorial Day weekend, Matt and I had to go our separate ways. My cousin graduated from high school, it was my mom's birthday and I had a wedding shower to go too! Matt stayed in town for another graduation and a shower. What a wild weekend. Again a belated Birthday wish to my mom! Love you!!

June started with Matt travelling again. Matt was off to Destin for Ross' bachelor party. They had a blast at the beach. I wish I was there tooo. Not to hang out with the guys, but I haven't been to Destin in forever. Luckily a vacation was not too far away.

Our 1st Anniversary!

The third weekend in May was our 1st Anniversary. We couldn't believe it's already been a year. And what a great year it's been!!! To celebrate our anniversary, Matt made us a reservation at the Hermitage Hotel and for dinner at Flemings. We headed downtown at about 3 that Saturday, and checked into our wonderful suite. It was so nice. We watched the horse races and just relaxed. That night we went to dinner at Flemings. What a great dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves and it was the perfect way to celebrate our day with a mini vacation...and the best part, we didn't even have to travel out of town!!!

The first couple of weeks of May...

May started our time of travel...geez we have been everywhere lately.

The first weekend, we actually went to our lake house. We had a blast and really enjoyed cooking out and putting the boat in the water for the first time. But it was freezing....never mind the weather, we went anyway..hence the jeans and jackets...

We also took Shelby on her first boat ride that weekend. She absolutely loved it. She couldn't get enough of the spray from the waves. She even tried to jump off the boat when we stopped. She wanted to swim so bad. So I have now had to go buy the dog a lifejacket so she can enjoy the summer too!

Marsha and then headed home to pick up Shelby from the kennel. The second weekend of May was Jess Core's graduation and Mother's Day! Matt and I headed to Knoxville for the Friday night party hosted by Jess' parents. We had a great dinner at Calhoun's and then headed out for a night in Knoxville. Having never been out in Knoxville, this was a treat for me. We had a blast and (thankfully) didn't end up with any pictures....On Saturday morning, we headed to the lake. Instead of going on the boat immediately, Matt and I were in need of nap. Can you say we are grumpy when tired??!!! Later that afternoon, we decided to take a boat ride, only to find out the boat had been robbed. We are getting grumpier by the minute. These people knew what they were doing. They only took the CD changer off our boat, but took other components off other boats. It sucked! Sunday was Mother's Day. We had breakfast with Marsha!! So here's an extremely belated Happy Mother's Day shout out to my Mom & Marsha! We love you both!

May and June

WOW! I can't believe I looked at our blog today and it's been 2 months since my last post. So here's a quick update on goings and doings....

Let's start with May and hopefully my memory is good enough to work backwards..... so here goes....


Finally a fence

We finally got our fence built. Shelby is loving being in the backyard and we are so glad to have our backyard is fenced in. It's so nice to be able to let her out without a leash. Here are some pictures of our fence!

Also, here are some pictures of the landscaping and flowers Matt & I planted!


As you can see, Shelby has gotten very big. We are going tomorrow to get weighed. On average she gains 8-10 pounds every three weeks or at least that's been the pattern so far. Here are some recent pics and one comparing her when we got her and now!

Shelby in Jan. 08 Shelby in April 08 A very tired Shelby loves her crate