Nursery in progress...

So we started working on the nursery recently.  Our furniture came in last week and on Saturday, Matt, Johnny & Art went and got the baby furniture and put it together for us. A special thanks to Johnny and Art for being such good friends and helping!  I know this wasn't an easy task or a fun way to spend your Saturday :) They were so sweet.   As you can see, we are still in the early stages, but I was so excited about the furniture I couldn't help but put up pictures.  We are still trying to find bedding, deciding whether to buy or have it made.  I just can't seem to find anything I like so unless it's cost prohibitive, I'll probably have a friend of mine's mom make the bedding :)  We still lack lots of stuff, but have made a step in the right direction.  And as you can see, the dogs are very comfortable in baby girl's room!  Matt and I really think Shelby will move in there permanently when we bring the baby home! Oh! the other dog in the picture is Layla! No I haven't convinced Matt to let me adopt another dog, we were keeping Layla for Matt's mom while she was out of town...

So while the guys were working on the baby furniture, Emily, Chappell and I had a girls lunch and went shopping.  We had a good time, just check out the smile on Chappell's face!

I couldn't help but snap her picture b/c she was having so much fun on her girl's day out!!!



January 11 was a big day at our house!  We finally got to find out what Baby H is...I mean besides a baby of course.  Matt and I couldn't hardly stand it!  I don't think either of us slept much the night before because we were so excited! So on Monday morning, we got up early and headed downtown to Vanderbilt Imaging Center to have our sonogram!  Everyone really thought it was a boy...and they had me convinced that my inclination was wrong and it was a boy!  Well everyone was wrong...

Baby H is a GIRL!!!!!!

Matt and I were so excited.  We couldn't stand it....I of course went out and bought something pink immediately!  And now we are getting our furniture in today for the nursery and starting to register tomorrow.  I am so thrilled to finally know what this baby is...It's so nice to say, She or Her or whatever feminine pronoun we can use.

Of course, now we begin the name game...  Seriously naming a baby is quite the challenging task...All the names I like Matt's not to fond of and vice versa.  We will come to an agreement, but man what an overwhelming task!  We also have the 100,000 baby name book.  That's the most intimidating thing I've ever looked at.  But we'll get there.

For now, I am starting to feel her move more and more, which I love.  I know Matt is ready to feel her too.  Hopefully soon!!!


Hayden Michelle Kaeser

Cotton Bowl Champs 2010!

So instead of doing a big New Years Eve thing this year, Matt and I stayed home and packed.  We were headed to Dallas the next day for the Cotton Bowl.  We didn't go last year, but we decided this year was a must since we weren't sure what things would be like next year.  So at 10:00 on New Years Day, we were off on a jet plane to Dallas.  We had a blast!!!  We stayed at the Renaissance, which was an Ole Miss hotel.  It wasn't the hotel where the players were staying, but there were so many Ole Miss people there, you would never have known it.  On the first night, we went to dinner with my parents and Will Lassiter.  then after dinner, we went and met Will's sister at the Ritz Carlton for drinks (well the boys drank :)  I know what you are thinking, fancy, drinks at the Ritz Carlton....well it was eye opening, but not in the way you would think.  Little did we know that the bar at the Ritz is known for it's ladies of the night...that's right, high dollar call girls roamed the bar!  I have never seen such and it made for what could have been a long night watching the guys drink into a very interesting people watching experience.  On Saturday we got up and it was Game Day!  So we loaded the buses at the hotel and headed to Cowboys Stadium, Jerry-World!! The bus ride was fine, except our driver got lost... I mean seriously, you can't miss this place and he got lost?!  When you pull up to Jerry-World, it literally looked like a space ship that had landed in Dallas.  It was a really cool venue, but not like anything I had ever seen. After finally unloaded after a mutiny on the bus, we headed to the complex, where we watched Armadillo racing....seriously only in Texas do they have armadillo racing at the football game.  We headed inside to see the largest video board in the world (or at least I think it is).  I mean that thing is distracting :)

Finally after a sloppy game and a hard fought battle, the Rebs were victorious!  Carmen's comment was that the baby was going to anxiety issues after the past couple Rebel games we have attended.  I mean if any team can give you a heart attack and potentially blow a game, it's Ole Miss.  The baby did move around alot during the game.  I think it could since the excitement!  After the game, we had the best dinner.  We went to III Forks.  The food was amazing :)   Sunday came early as we had an early flight, but we were glad to get home...you'll see why in the next post!   Here are some pictures from our trip!