You just gotta love it...

Being an Ole Miss fan & not having a whole lot to cheer about until last year, you gotta love when the National Champion puts out their Championship banner and their only loss is to the Ole Miss Rebels! It just makes my day! Hotty Toddy!


Another boring day at work...a little catch up....

Simmons Harrell- isn't she precious?!!?!!

So today has been the most boring day at work...not too much work to do and not too much going on here. Matt and I went to Jackson this past weekend to see my parents and for the annual St. Paddy's Parade. Well we got to Jackson on Friday night about 9:30 and had a great dinner my mom cooked. She did pork tenderloin in the oven and with Shapley's seasoning and it was delicious! I'll have to remember it in the future! So Friday night we went to bed with the intent of getting up to go to the parade. However, oops! we slept in...we were so tired. So instead of going downtown, we went and ate crawfish! and boy were they good. they were spicy and big! YUM! So, then we went and met up with Ashleigh and Ross at the Cherokee and to hang out...it was great to see them...it has been way too long! Then we went to see our friends, Madison, Chris & their 3 kids. Madison had a baby 2 weeks ago and we definitely wanted to see them all. We got a good visit with them, but poor Chris had just had his appendix out...he was a trooper and put up with us! Saturday night we had dinner at Tico's and Ashleigh, Ross, Fratesi and Shannon came out to meet us for drinks. We had blast getting to see them too! All in all it was a good weekend. We were very tired when we got back to Nashville. Finally the weather is beautiful and I really would love to be outside, however, I am stuck inside sitting as my desk....geez....oh well!! life as a grown up!


Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my sweet Daddy's birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day & we can't wait to see you this weekend to celebrate! You are the best! We appreciate everything you do for us! We love you!