Today is the due date!

June 2nd- my due date finally arrived.  And of course, I didn’t go into labor before my due date.  So Matt worked his last day of work and my parents took me to a big lunch at Amerigos!  I ate so much.  But I couldn’t eat anything after 4 that day, so I gorged!  Huge bowl of pasta, appetizers! It was wonderful.  But my cravings weren't satisfied yet… a little before 4, I decided I needed ice cream.  I mean what else did I crave during my pregnancy but ice cream.  So mom and dad took me to get my last fix!  We hit up Ben and Jerry’s on the Franklin Square.   Man that hit the spot!  So we head back to my house, Matt gets home and my parents leave to give us a chance to have a little down time before going to the hospital.

Matt and I are getting the last of our things together.  I decide I need to shower before heading to the hospital.  Jill, the birthing class teacher, told us to shower and shave our legs before heading into the hospital. Well, I did.  I also started having some contractions.  They were timed out at about 6-7 minutes apart.  I mean really, was I really going into labor on my due date?  Well yes I was…

Adam and Carmen came over bc they were going to house/Shelby sit while we were at the house.  We took some pictures and headed to the hospital.  As we drove to the hospital, my contractions were getting more and more severe.  I told Matt, I’m really in pain and really in labor!  He thought I might be being a little over-dramatic.  Well not so much.  We got to Baptist hospital at midnight and checked in.  After about half an hour or so, I was in my room and being hooked up to the fetal monitor.  Sure enough, I was in labor with contractions 4 minutes apart!

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