Cotton Bowl 2009

As I mentioned in my last post in November, the Rebels were bowl eligible! Well believe it! They weren't only bowl eligible, they made it to the Cotton Bowl...one of the best non-BCS bowls. (BCS sucks anyway)...Matt and I thought long and hard about going to Dallas. We really wanted too. But really there wasn't a good way to get to Dallas from Nashville. It was like $300 per person for a plane ticket or 11 hours in the car. Either way wasn't a good option right after Christmas! So what's the next best thing to do??? THROW A PARTY! So that's what we did. We took the day off work and threw a party for all of our Rebel (and wannabe-Rebel friends)! The game started at 1, so friends starting coming over at 12! Needless to say, the party kept going through the evening as Art made jumbalaya and we were all sad to see Alabama lose (really, us Rebels weren't that sad, I mean they beat us!) It was great party with great friends and great food! One of the best highlights of the party!!! Emily and Johnny came in a little late, but were so excited to tell us they had just found out they were having a GIRL! (In case I forgot to mention this, our best friends, Emily & Johnny are pregnant). Needless to say, Matt and I are so thrilled for them! Baby Girl Maxcy due May 16th! Aunt Leslie and Uncle Matt can't wait!

and the Mom to be!!!! Smiling for the Camera!!!

2008 in Review

I hope you enjoy my little stroll down memory lane 2008. So many great things happened to us in 2008. All in all it was a great year! I hope you enjoy looking at the post of each month as much as I enjoyed putting them up!

Happy New Years!

Matt and I spent New Years at home this year. I know what you are thinking, what dorks, but we were having a big party on the 2nd for the Cotton Bowl and we decided it would be best to stay home and chill. We, of course, that didn't happen, but at least we didn't have to drive either. Here's a family picture to wish you a happy new year!

My new years resolution??!! to be a better blogger....well you can see I have already blown that one!! Maybe I'll do better with working out ;) we'll see!

December 2008

December was a fun month. Not quite as "eventful" as November, but a lot of fun. Every weekend, we had a Christmas party with friends or co-workers. Which was great. We spent Christmas in Nashville with Matt's family this year. It was a blast. On Christmas Eve, we were at Matt's moms and his cousin Eric came to town. The Whitten's came over for their annual Christmas Eve cocktail party and we had a great time visiting with them. On Christmas Day, Matt and I had his family to our house. We enjoyed opening presents, relaxin' , visiting and a fabulous meal. For some reason, I didn't get any pictures on Christmas day. which sucks! Jessica brought her new dog Olive home for Christmas and he and Shelby got along great. I wish I had pictures of them and our Christmas!

Two days after Christmas, we headed for Jackson to do Christmas with my family. I did get some pictures while we were there, but not many...**Note to self...take more pictures** here are few of us opening our pictures. The biggest hit of a present was the iPod we bought my dad. It was the first present he opened, (preloaded), put the earphones in and that was all she wrote that night...He was out of it from then on. We also got to visit with Tracey & the girls while we were in town. Keith was off killing bambi and we didn't even get to come home with any deer meat :)

Pictures of Antigua

Antiguan Thanksgiving!!!! and my Parents 30th Wedding Anniversary

Thanksgiving in Antigua was an amazing trip. We left on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and met my Mom, Dad & Adam in Atlanta where we caught a direct flight into Antigua. After 4 hours on a plane and way too long in Customs (the Antiguans have no concept of time) we were on our way to our fabulous home for a week, Carib House, on English Harbor. We really never thought we would get there in the car, but when we pulled up to this house, we all were amazed. We met our wonderful hosts, Lou & Johnny, at the house, where they promptly fixed us a drink and had the Ole Miss-LSU game on TV. To begin what was to be a wonderful trip, the Rebs won (not just won, they kicked LSU's butt all over the field, can you tell I'm a proud Rebel)...What more could you ask for to begin vacation! That evening, after the game, we ventured down to Nelson's dockyard for dinner. We found a cute little Bistro that was open, where we got to sit outside and enjoy the Carribbean. The waiter was great and when we told him that it was Mom and Dad's 30th anniverary, he promptly brought them a shot??!! Being the troopers they are, they took their shots and the fun began! When we got home, I was running up the stairs to the bathroom and split my big toe wide open. Matt cleaned me up, bandaged my toe and we turned on the music, and decided to check out the area around the pool. While helping Mom feel the water, I accidentally dropped her in the pool fully clothed. Feeling bad for having dropped her in the pool, I decided to join her in my jeans and t-shirt! On Sundays in Antigua, they have a party at Shirley Heights. Not only is this one of the best views on Antigua, it's a really fun party with plenty of rum punch, which Matt and Adam took to like a duck to water. They drank enough to drain Shirley Heights dry, but somehow, they only had more!!!!!! On Monday, we took it easy by the pool and of course went out for a more fabulous meal! On Tuesday, we went on a private sail boat tour of the island. The boats name was Jaberwocky....could it be more appropriate?? Nick and his wife (her name escapes me tonight) picked us up in English Harbor and our day sail began. We sailed out of the Harbor and got to see some beautiful portions of the Island and got to steer the boat...we got to see Carlisle Bay resort, where Prince Charles & Camilla had just stayed, all of the fabulous homes on the island and the completely uninhabited portions of Antigua. While on the boat, we were to have lunch. We expected sandwiches, pasta salad...the norm for a boat....but NO we had fabulous ginger chicken with saffron rice, salad and roles. I mean this nice lady made this wonderful food for us on a 2 burner stove. (I can barely make dinner on my four burner stove without using all eyes and ever pot in my cabinet!!) After a day on the water, we returned home and Ruthie was there to make us an amazing dinner. We had a fresh salad, a gourmet cheese plate, shrimp ka-bobs and large tuna filets. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, but it was an amazing meal, all made from scratch! On Wednesday, the guys needed to play golf!! and Mom and I went to beach near the golf course. A little change of scenery...We had lunch at the beach, the guys took off and Mom & I headed for the shore. While having a wonderful and relaxing day of reading, sunning, and watching the German tourists attempt to tube & make fools of themselves, we needed some cooling off. So we decided to go for a swim. The water was wonderful, but as we were enjoying ourselves, this presumably European man had enjoyed as much of the water as he was going to and promptly stripped down (COMPLETELY) to change clothes. We're talking a full grown man. NAKED on the beach. I have never been more disgusted and awe-struck in my life. It was like a bad train wreck, you couldn't help but look. I mean who does this!! Well finally after the boys returned from golfing, we had drinks and watched what is possibly the most amazing sunset. Then we headed to dinner. Once we got home, we all relaxed and enjoyed tv and family time. That night, the events of our trip would change.... As Matt and I were getting ready for bed in our awesome bungalow, we heard a horrible scream come from the main house. At first, we thought my dad and Adam were playing pool and yelling at each other, but then another scream came too quickly, and I knew something was right. We ran down to the main house and found Adam and my Mom in the laundry room.. All I could think is what on earth are they doing??!! Well, my Mom had fallen and apparently broken her leg. I called 911 and the ambulance came. They took us to the hospital (I mean if you could really call it that). It was more like an open air facility resembling the scenes from MASH (you know that TV show set in Vietnam). When they say government subsidised healthcare, they mean you get nothing. Literally, my dad had to help do everything from do my mom's x-rays to wrap her leg in the stabalizing bandage to get her home. There is no continuity of care (but enough ranting on a blog about our fabulous vacation) Seriously, after 15 hours in the ER (what a JOKE!), they came home....My poor Mom was in so much pain and they gave her Ibuprofen??!!! really!!! So when she finally got home, on Thursday, we really just took it easy around the house. On Friday, we spent the day by the pool, enjoying our last day. That night Adam, Matt and I went to the Admirals Club for dinner in Nelson's Dockyard! (After watching the Rebels beat up on MS State, 45-0, Hotty Toddy). We had a fabulous dinner of Lobster Thermadour! and took take out to my Mom and Dad. On Saturday, it was time to go home.. SAD, Tear :( We had an uneventful flight home, which is alwasy good. On Sunday, Matt ad I picked up Shelby from her week at Camp and Mom had surgery to fix her leg. They put a titanium rod in her leg and she would be good as new (little did we know it wouldn't be until January :)

November 2008

This brings us to November. WHAT A GREAT MONTH! November 5 is my birthday. To celebrate, we, of course, headed to Oxford. We got to watch the Rebels, who rebounded from a tough start, beat up on Auburn; which led to a fun night of partying!

In November, we luckily got to spend Thanksgiving break in Antigua! However, this trip was so much fun (and eventful), it deserves a post of its own!

October 2008

In October, we finally got to go to Charleston to visit Jessica. Marsha rented a wonderful beach house on Sullivan's Island and Charleston is an awesome place to be. When we got to town, Mike and J were there. It was fun to see them and have a shrimp boil. Shrimp just taste better at the beach surrounded by the ocean...
We also got to meet many of Jessica's friends at our shrimp boil. They are all precious girls and we had so much fun with them. Also, Marsha's college friend, Janice, was in town while we were there! She was a lot of fun to hang out with.
While in Charleston, Cindy also came to visit and we got to spend some time downtown. Where I was introduced to my latest vice...Sweet Tea Vodka...It's made by Firefly Distilleries. It's great with a little lemonade. When we were downtown, we took a carriage ride and got to see parts of old Charleston. They houses are beautiful and what a great way to see the City.
Also in October, we went to the Ole Miss-Alabama game in Tuscaloosa. We stayed at our friends, Jeremy & Hannah's, cabins. Needless to say, it wasn't what we expected. I'll spare you all of the details, but here's a few. 1 bathroom for 8 people (including 2 pregnant women), part of the ceiling fell on Brett while he was taking a shower & we shared a bedroom with the Maxcy's.. At least we're all close :)

Also in October, my good friend Suzanne, had a precious baby boy; Gardner...He's adorable!

September 2008

September brought about Labor Day! Which is also dubbed as Matt's birthday. We always spend this weekend at the Lake and this year our good friends, Johnny & Emily and Ashley & Carter spent the weekend with us!

September also had us make our first trip to Oxford. What a fun night, however, the Rebs lost to Vandy. Bad subject with my dad!!!! However, a bad time is never had in the Grove. We also got to meet Adam's girlfriend, Carmen, for the first time. She is adorable and so much fun to be with...

August 2008

August brought another wedding and a few more trips to the lake.

Our good friends Josh and Dana got married in August. They had a great wedding. It was at Woodmont Christian and their reception was at the Musician's Hall of Fame. What a unique place to have a reception. We had a blast at their wedding!

July 2008

Finally in July we were able to go spend some time at our lakehouse. Finally....Shelby loved riding on the boat and loved being in the water. We even got her a life jacket for easier floatin' and relaxin'!!
Also in July, our good friends Heather and Chad got married. We had a blast at their wedding and it was great to see so many friends from out of town. This is the only picture I have from their wedding festivities. This is at their rehearsal dinner at some place on Broadway with a roof top terrace that overlooked all the juke joints on Broadway!! So FUN!


2008 in Review

So, since I was not a very good poster in 2008, I decided I was going to do a lot better in 2009. Well given, it's the end of January and I haven't posted anything yet, I thought I would do a year in review of 2008, remembering the good things in 2008, and filling in about the end of the year! Well, as of tonight, I have gotten through June and plan to get to the rest tomorrow night. However, if I want to be the least bit productive at work tomorrow, I had better get some rest!

June 2008

A trip to California and a trip to Oxford took place in June. In the early part of June, we joined by parents and Adam in San Diego for the US Open. What a great trip! We had tons of good food & lots of excitement! Mom & I decided one day while the boys were at the golf tournament, we were bold enough to make the trip from San Diego to LA. What a great trip!

Also, we made the trip to Oxford to see some of our friends, Ross & Ashleigh, get married. Ross & Matt have been friends since Freshman year at Ole Miss. We love to hang out with them, but don't get to do it enough! We were so happy they finally got married!!! We also got to hang out with other great friends that came to town.

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