35 weeks and counting...

So after the Jimmy Buffett concert, the great flood of Nashville happened.  My parents and Adam were in town and really left just in time.  The rains came Saturday and we watched an 18-wheeler float down I-24 on the tv.  We had no idea how bad it was going to get.  After the concert on the way home we noticed some flooding on the roads, but just thought it was just a bad rain.  However, the next morning, it was still raining and only getting worse.  We watched as our town started to flood.  Downtown was a disaster, water was everyone.  People were fleeing their homes.  My friend, Pam, from work, had her whole house flooded and lost her car.  Matt and I were even stranded in Franklin as all the roads were flooded and there really was not way out!!!  Thank goodness I didn’t go into labor!

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