A little hype...

Let's hope the Rebs can live up to the hype. But ya just gotta love a cover of Sports Illustrated. Twice in less than a year. Can't wait for football season!


Late night snack

Shelby enjoying a late night snack at 2! Mashed potaotes!


A little catch up!

So I haven’t been the best blogger in the world in the last six weeks. I always say I am going to do better, but I never do. I am so busy at work and when I get home, well either I’m too tired to get on the computer, OR my computer dies. Yes, my home computer is dying a slow and painful death. I am taking my time getting the valuable pics and things off my computer so that maybe it will work for a little bit longer, but I just don’t see that happening. I think it’s almost dead! Oh well, time for a new one and I know just what I want...an Apple MacBook Pro. The 13” to be exact. Now we just have to save up the money to buy it!

Oh well, since I haven’t filled my 2 faithful readers in on what’s been going on here, here goes!

In May, after our anniversary, we had kind of a sad month. Matt and his mom had to put their 2 beagles, Pudge and Lucy, to sleep. It was really sad, but both dogs were sick and had lived long lives. I think they were 14 which is amazing, but Marsha took great care of them! We do miss them when we go to Marsha’s, but we know they are in a better place.

We had Memorial Day, which was kind of low key and nice. We went to the lake for the weekend and went out on the boat once. However, it started raining like crazy and was supposed to rain all weekend, so we decided to head home and relax... Relax we did! We cooked out and went to the pool. It was nice to be home for a weekend and sleep in our own beds!

Also in May, our best friends had their 1st baby girl. I did a whole post about that below...so check it out...

“bout then, June rolled around. June was a busy month at our house. For the first weekend in June, we went to Oxford for the Super Regionals. After watching the game on TV on Friday and watching Matt Smith’s walk off home run, I just new this year was our year. Well we must be bad luck or something, b/c once again the Rebs lost a heart breaker on Saturday, and then again on Sunday to end the season. While the baseball was sad, we had a blast being in Oxford for a fun weekend that wasn’t “football crazy”. We got to see my parents new house they are building, (which we are thrilled about!) and enjoy a cook out. The one thing that was bad....we thought it would be a good idea to take ole Shelby off her leash and let her run in the yard. Ya know, burn off some energy...well Shelby found her way out of the yard and ran around Old Taylor Road. She almost got hit by 2 cars with Matt and I chasing her. I could have killed her and almost had a heart attack watching her run in front of cars on that busy road....Geez! we learned our lesson!

The next weekend we spent at home cleaning out closets, ya know, the fun stuff. We cooked out with the Maxcy’s and relaxed!

The 3rd weekend in June was my high school reunion. See another post for those details!

The last weekend in June, we worked in the yard in the 100 degree heat (that was smart) and bought Shelby a dog house. At first she hated it, now she likes it. I’ll get a pic of her in it and post soon!

This past weekend, we had the 4th of July. We went to the lake and had a crowd! It was so much fun. Adam and Carmen joined us, as well as Art and Jessica made the trip from Charleston for the weekend! We loved having everyone and probably had a little too much fun! The Core’s and the Hendry’s had a house full too! So you know when 20 people are on the lake together a good time is had by all! I hope everyone had a great 4th!

I hope you enjoyed my little catch up! Things are kind of slow today at work and I was able to organize my thoughts a little! Once again, as I always do, when I post these long obnoxious posts, I promise to do better! We’ll see....but hey at least I’m honest about it!

Has it really been 10 years?

A couple of weeks ago, we had my 10 year high school reunion. I can not believe it’s been that long since we graduated high school. While many things have changed, somethings never do! We, of course, had a blast together! On Friday night, we had drinks at Julep. It was a very casual night and a great way for everyone to just come by. Afterwards, we of course couldn’t go home, so we headed back over to Liz and Percy’s house for late night. While the venue changed from high school, many things hadn’t! We laughed and laughed! On Saturday, the day started with a baby shower for Ashley Collins’ (see somethings do change. In high school there is no way we would have been up before 10 after being out all night :) After the baby shower, we had an ice cream social at the school. We took a group picture and got to see everyone’s children. And WOW! I didn’t realize how many of my friends have kids until they were all in the same room. BUT, they were adorable! Saturday night, we had a cocktail party at the Yacht Club. I had never been out there and it was really nice. You didn’t feel like you were in Jackson anymore with the water and the sunset! We watched our Senior Video and had trivia, followed up by a performance by Elvis. At our high school grad night, Elvis performed and it was great to see that he hadn’t aged a day! Here are some pics that my friends took! My home computer is broken, so I haven’t uploaded my pics!

Meet Baby Chappell!

waiting for Chappell's arrival!

She's here!

On May 28, our best friend’s Johnny and Emily had an adorable baby girl, Chappell! She is a doll and we just love her! Aunt Leslie and Uncle Matt can’t seem to get enough of her. We were at the hospital when she was born and I got to hold her when she was just minutes old! That is something I will never forgot. Both mom and baby are doing great, and sweet daddy too! I can’t believe that when I am posting this, she’s already been here a month. Here are some precious pics!