Happy Birthday Jessica!

Monday was Jessica's birthday! I feel so bad for not getting a post about it then. However, I was traveling for work and didn't have a computer! However, here's to you Jessica! Matt and I miss you so much! We are so happy that you love Charleston and we can't wait to come for a visit! and we can't wait for you to come home for a visit soon! WE LOVE YOU!!!

It's Been a While!

Wow it's been a while since my last post. So many things have been going on since the beginning of the month, so I will give you a brief rundown. The first week of the month was relatively low key. We went to the lake house for the weekend and just relaxed. The next week, Matt was out of town for a week for a work convention. It was kind of lonely being home alone, but I worked a lot that week. The weekend rolled around pretty fast and Laurin and I headed to Oxford for a girl's weekend. It was the weekend of the Alabama game and we had a blast! Probably a little too much fun...but that's what Oxford is for! We also got to see Brynnen (who I miss so much!), her boyfriend and our good friend Adam, and our good friend Erskine. It was like a high school reunion! Erskine got married in August and we haven't seen him since long before that, so it was good to catch up. We of course headed to the Grill. Here we are enjoying hanging out!

Also, this weekend I got to see my precious sister-in-law, Jessica. She is living in Charleston now and we don't get to see her often. So it was a real treat for her to be in town and for me to get a chance to see her. She has no idea how much Matt and I miss her! We can't wait for her to come home for Thanksgiving! However, we are thrilled she loves Charleston and we can't wait to come for a visit! Laurin and I left Oxford on Sunday morning. Laurin had a test to study for and I was anxious to get home and see Matt. It was a relatively busy week with work. Matt played catch-up and I tried to get ahead as my boss was out of town. Friday once again rolled around and Matt and I headed to Oxford for the game. The Rebs of course got blown away, but it was so much fun to see our friends, Brett, Vista, & Jeffrey! While I didn't remember to take any pictures, we had a great time! We went to the new restaurant the Waltz for drinks on Friday. What a neat place! It's a very trendy restaurant in Oxford and we loved the atmosphere. However, the night was not without it's entertainment. There was a couple sitting at the bar that had a major screaming match in the restaurant/bar. They were apparently eating dinner with his parents and who knows what happened, but it turned into a scene. Not only was the whole bar watching them fight, so was his family...about 30 minutes after they started fighting, they finally left the bar to a standing ovation!

We got home on Sunday and I turned around and headed to Boulder for work. I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but a good time was had by all! It was two days of work, but we also had a high-tech scavenger hunt! It involved cell-phones, digital cameras and all sorts of crazy challenges. Like I said, pictures to come soon.

While I was away, however, I missed posting a special announcement for Jessica's birthday, so please accept the belated post! It will be above, so it will be special!

I finally got home last night at 11:30, got to see Matt for 30 minutes (before I passed out) and woke up this morning, knowing Matt was travelling for work today. So we have seen each other for 30 minutes since Sunday! SO SAD! However, we are looking forward to the weekend. We are headed to the lake for a weekend of relaxation and rest! Just what I needed!


Happy Birthday Meghan & Caitlin!

I can't believe my precious twin cousins turned 6 today. My how the time flies!!! Especially when you are having fun. I wish I had a recent picture to post of them that I haven't already posted. (that's them with Matt below). I remember when they were born premature, we didn't know what to expect. They were so tiny....Finally they got to come home and everyone was so excited. Quickly they caught up with everyone else their age and now they are smart, active and fun little girls. It has been a joy watching them grow up and I love every minute I get to spend with them! I can't wait for many more birthdays and fun times with these precious girls!