Birthdays, Bedding and Birthing classes!

So, alot has been going on at our house lately.  Where do we start?!!  A two weekends ago, Matt and I made the trip to Jackson for my dad's birthday.  Dad knew we were coming in town for his birthday, but what he didn't know was that we had been planning a surprise 60th birthday party for him.  So in typical fashion, Dad wasn't very cooperative.  He wanted us to cook redfish from his recent trip and couldn't figure out why Matt and Adam wanted to spend all afternoon Saturday at the country club watching basketball.  Neither of them really cares about basketball, so you can imagine Dad's confusion. Luckily, Adam and Matt can be very convincing and managed to get Dad out of the house for a couple of hours so we could set up and get ready. All of our guests arrived around 7, and Dad got there around 7:30.  I think he was surprised.  We had a great turnout, with friends from Jackson and out of town coming to celebrate.  I think Dad was truly honored at some of the guests who came from so far away!  The party was a blast.  In typical fashion, it ran late.  Of course, after Dad's friends left, Adam's friends were still there and the party had only started at 11:30!  We had a blast!  Even the dogs had fun.  Adam and Carmen brought their puppy, Swayze, to meet Shelby.  They seemed to get along great, well until Shelby chased Swayze into the pool.  Poor Swayze couldn't get her footing and fell in.  Luckily Mom had heated the pool so it wasn't freezing, but not to be out done, Shelby promptly jumped in the pool.  So the night turned into a pool party, with some of Adam's friends following suit.  And of course, an evening would not be complete without a trip to Krystal.  Being the sober one, I probably should have taken Carmen to get the food, but Nicole was sweet enough to do it.  And thankfully, she was in good shape too!  

Also, this weekend, we got our bedding for Lillie's nursery.  We couldn't be more thrilled with the way it turned out.  Here are some pictures below.  I LOVE IT!  And it, of course, has a little sentimental value too.  My first grade teacher, and some of my close guy friends mom, made this bedding for Lillie.  She did a fantastic job!  Now all we have left is for the chair to come in and get some curtains done.  Mrs. Owen is going to do a curtains for us with the leftover fabric.  I can't wait to see how they turnout!

Also on the recent agenda was birthing classes at Baptist Hospital where Lillie will be born.  Well, our teacher was great, but what can you say about birthing classes??!  We learned alot....It was all good information to have, just kind of overwhelming to do it all in 2 days.  But we couldn't find 6 consecutive weeks we would both be in town to attend a class.  So 2 days it was.  So what all did we learn?!  We learned to change diapers, bathe the baby, wash her hair...we learned that you don't put baby powder on a baby anymore, it can cause pneumonia....we learned where to check in, about the new visitation rules, and we learned that an epidural is God's gift to women when they are in labor....yes I will be getting one as soon as I can.  According to Baptist, they won't let you have an epidural until you show some progress in your labor....my doctor said I could have one whenever I wanted....I'm sure it will be some mix of the 2, but in my mind, why suffer when you don't have too.   As soon as possible please!! 

Other than that, and working, not too much going on here. I had my glucose and anemia test 2 weeks ago.  I haven't heard my results yet, so we are going with no news is good news.  We have started our every 2 week rotation with the doctor, so we go again on Thursday and I figure I can get my results then.  We are headed to Jackson this weekend for a baby shower with all my sweet friends.  They are so kind to honor Matt, Lillie and I in such a sweet way!  I hope to do a better job in the picture department than I did at Dad's party.  Maybe someone else will take some pictures too!  Oh well, more later!


28 weeks and 3 days plus a name!

Alright everyone!  After many ignored requests, here are some pictures of what I look like pregnant.  As of today, I am 28 weeks and 3 days.  We only have about 80 days to go.  I can't believe time is going by so fast!  It's crazy!!!!  Well other than how large I am getting, we have finally settled on  a name and couldn't be more thrilled.  By the way, Matt says these pictures make me look bigger than I am.  Bless my sweet husband for attempting to make me feel better :)  We have decided to name her...

Lillie Haynes Henson

We are so excited to have a name, something to call this little one!  and let me tell you, she has personality already.  She kicks all the time and loves ice cream, just like her mama these days!  She has both of our "wild" streaks we think because she seems to party in my stomach all the time!  Other than kicking up a storm, she seems to be perfectly content!

I go for my 29 week check up on Thursday, thats when I have my lovely glucose test.  They give you a small "bottle" of water that contains 50g of sugar for your test.  You have to drink it in about 5 minutes and then wait an hour to have your blood drawn to see how you processed that much sugar.  The doctor gave it to me at my last visit in case I wanted to drink it in the car on the way to my appointment.  She made it sound like a great idea, but then said, it can make some people throw up.  So I had visions of driving up i-65 chugging my glucose drink and then having to pull over in rush hour traffic to throw up.  lovely, so I think I will wait until I get there to drink my hummingbird food!  I'll let you know how it goes!