Merry Christmas...love, the Henson's!

Matt and I will be traveling for the majority of the Christmas holidays. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! MERRY CHRISTMAS! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Holiday Parties

Matt and I have been so busy with Christmas parties. We have had work parties, parties with friends and family gatherings. After the Dicken's Christmas, we had a week off from events so we managed to get some shopping done. The weekend of the 14th though the 16th was INSANE!

On Friday the 14th, both Matt and I had our company Christmas parties. So in typical fashion, we had to split up and attend our parties solo. Matt's party was at a fabulous restaurant called Ellendale's. They had a delicious meal and a lot of fun playing dirty Santa. I am sad I wasn't able to get to see everyone he works with as they are all so sweet and fun to be around. Maybe soon I'll make it out to his office to see everyone!

Also that night, I had my company Christmas party. Our party was at an event hall called City Hall. The space was decorated so nice and looked very festive. They had a great Christmas tree put up and tables facing a stage. During the evening, we had a great meal of prime rib. Needless to say my piece of meat was as large as my plate. Apparently there were mashed potatoes under the meat but I never saw it!

This is our team at work. From left to right: Ben, my boss and the general counsel, me, Pam, a paralegal, Heather, anothe paralegal, and Mike, the AIMS guru and contract administrator.This is my friend Heather from work. She is one of the paralegals. We had a great time dancing with the band at the party!

Matt made it to our Christmas party late after his dinner. He got to meet everybody I work with and they were glad to know he exists! He does exist! After working with this group for almost a year and a half, they had never met him!

The next night, Laurin, Marie, and Leslie had their Forgotten Angels party. It was so much fun and so nice. Well done girls! They had the party at their apartment and served wonderful food. It was so much fun to get together and celebrate the season and do something good too! Each guest had to bring a gift for the forgotten angels on the angel tree at the Salvation Army. I, of course, took a Barbie! Which everyone thought was so typical! Anyway, below are some pictures from the party!

The next day we had our family Christmas with the Core/Kaeser's. Ashley and Carter had us over for dinner. They made 2 kinds of Chili, it was great! We really enjoyed getting to spend time with them!


Our 1st Christmas...

So this is our first Christmas married and in our new house. We have had so much fun decorating the house and our tree. I just had to share a few pictures.

A Dicken's Christmas!

This was a really fun day. They had horse drawn carriages and all sorts of sales at the local shops. Also, all of the police were dressed in old fashioned constable uniforms! Even the weather helped out, it was very overcast, gray and foggy! Very Londonish!