Finally a fence

We finally got our fence built. Shelby is loving being in the backyard and we are so glad to have our backyard is fenced in. It's so nice to be able to let her out without a leash. Here are some pictures of our fence!

Also, here are some pictures of the landscaping and flowers Matt & I planted!


As you can see, Shelby has gotten very big. We are going tomorrow to get weighed. On average she gains 8-10 pounds every three weeks or at least that's been the pattern so far. Here are some recent pics and one comparing her when we got her and now!

Shelby in Jan. 08 Shelby in April 08 A very tired Shelby loves her crate


A few more pictures

***Scroll down I posted a lot***


So I mentioned in my previous post about our friends coming over for BBQ one Saturday night. Well Matt and I decided to put ribs on the egg one Saturday and decided it would be fun to invite some people over. It turned out to be an all day event! We went to Sams and bought 3 racks of ribs! Johnny bought 2 racks of ribs too! and we had a cook-off....well sort of. Matt and I got the EGG going about 1:30 on Saturday and Johnny came over about 2. We put all 5 racks on the egg and started smokin'!!! Everything was going great and we were having a blast until the smoke detector starts going off because we are having to smoke the ribs in the garage b/c of the rain... It's always something....Johnny went home to get Emily about 4 and I hoped in the Shower. Everybody started getting here about 5:30 and the fun began.. Josh & Dana came over and so did ART! Marsha had a friend in town so she and Janice came over for dinner... About 7:30 we took the ribs off the Egg and chowed down! Boy were they good. Of course we then pulled out the guitar hero and the night began. We had a blast playing guitar hero! Here are some pictures of our night!!!!

A little catching up....

So it's been a busy six weeks around the Henson house. Matt and I have been traveling and working....Since my last post, let's see what's been going on. First off, we came home from Jackson and it was already Easter weekend. Matt's cousin Eric came to visit and we had a cook out at our house. Then we headed to the lake for family time with Eric, Marsha and Jessica. It was so nice to get away and relax. Plus get to spend some time with Jessica who we hardly get to see. The next weekend Matt and I had several friends over to eat BBQ ribs and hang out....more on that night in another post...The next weekend I went to Jackson for a baby shower for Lauren Mize. What started out to be a normal weekend turned out to be quite extraordinary. As Revere and I head to Jackson, we get frantic calls from both of our mom's saying don't come, there are crazy tornadoes and Jackson is being pummeled. We, of course, thought they were exaggerating and were being very sarcastic saying things like the tornadoes aren't going to be following us on the interstate. Well we ate our words when we got to Jackson and actually saw the destruction. We had friends lose their houses along with major power outtages that affected the northeast portion of Jackson. So interesting enough, we had Lauren's baby shower by candle light. It was quite an event. We had a blast getting to see all of our high school friends (and their children :) wow, I can't believe we are old enough to have babies) and visiting. As for the rest of the weekend, we spent as much time out of the house as possible, because we had no power. NO TV, NO LIGHTS, NO FRIDGE. So that evening, we went to Tico's for dinner. Thank goodness they had power. We finally got to watch a little basketball and see everyone we knew...PLUS it was prom. You know it's always fun to watch the girls all dressed up...but this was especially exciting. The hairstyle of the night was the Scarlett O'Hara do...as my dad called it....The side pony tails with the large poof at the crown and ringlet curls in the pony tail. WOW! not to mention the dresses, one girl really looked like she had stepped out of the hustler store....anyway, enough about that. I got home Sunday evening and Matt headed to the Masters' on Wednesday. He gets to go every year with his cousin Eric. They had a blast of course. They even saw some famous people. Matt sat next to Venus Williams on the last day. He didn't get her autograph b/c he wasn't sure it was her until she had left! Oh well. My mom also came the weekend Matt was gone. It was so nice to have her have her here. We did lots of shopping and eating out. Everything was great, except the first night she was here, I got food poisoning.. YUCK! Last weekend, we spent the better part of the weekend working in the yard. I actually gardened and my plants are still alive. Some people have a green thumb, but I have a black thumb so the fact nothing has died yet is a major feat! We were so sore after working in the yard, I could barely walk but I have to say I am proud of the job we did. As for this weekend, we were supposed to head to Oxford for Double Decker, however, Matt is working on a major job at Opryland and had to work this weekend. So we stayed home. It really was nice hanging out at home and getting somethings done...I went to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Publix & Pet Smart. I feel like Will Ferrell in old school, a little Bed, Bath and Beyond...anyone??!!! I did cook a good dinner of boiled shrimp, potatoes, Corn & sausage! Today, we are relaxing as it rains outside! It's a great day to be lazy and we are!!!! In between all of this traveling we are working lots and late most days. I am really looking forward to vacation, but I guess that won't happen until JUNE!! Oh well......That's whats going on in the Henson house...LATER!