Lillie's first concert!

On May 1, Jimmy Buffett came to Nashville.  I had never seen him before and was determined we were going to the concert, no matter how pregnant I was!!!  So we bought tickets and "took" Lillie to her first concert.  We both loved it!  I mean seriously, who doesn't love JB, I know I do!   Well Lillie loved it too.  While Matt and I danced throughout the whole concert, Lillie kicked and squirmed and moved around the whole time too.  I think we might have a little parrot head on our hands!!  Which is fine by us... Anyway, so at 35 weeks, we headed to the Bridgestone arena and had a blast! We sat with our good friends Chad and Heather!  Take a look at Chad's gear below.  Little did he know, he might actually need that snorkle later on!

So we knew it was raining outside, and that it was bad weather, but we had no idea how bad.  During the concert, Jimmy made a comment about the Nashville flood of 2010.  Well, flood it did.  As we were driving home in the torrential rain, we just thought what a bad storm.  We turned onto Hillsboro road to get home and it was flooded.  I mean standing water no telling how deep.  When we woke up the next day to horrific rain again, my parents decided it was time to bolt!  and I'm pretty sure they are glad they did. The flooding only got worse and come Monday, Matt and I were stranded in Franklin.   Every road out was underwater.  What we didn't realize was that other parts of Nashville had it so much worse than we did.  The whole city pretty much flooded.  I have never seen anything like it.  So while we couldn't leave Franklin, we were very fortunate that our house didn't flood and we were ok.  Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who lost so much!

Baby Showers Galore!

Matt, Lillie and I were very blessed to have such wonderful friends give us baby showers in Jackson & Nashville. 

My sweet girl friends in Jackson (and a couple of wonderful friends who traveled, thanks Kimberly & Jason) gave us a wonderful baby shower Easter Weekend.  Madison opened up her beautiful home for our shower and we had a blast.  We got so many amazing gifts!  Everyone was so sweet.  Our hostesses gave us our car seat and we were totally surprised.  It was the exact thing I wanted and was so worried about getting.  Thanks girls for making this so special! Uncle Adam gave us the big lamb you see in the picture above.  I love it and it is literally huge!!!!  It will be perfect for Tummy time and for Lillie to love on!
So excited about our carseat!!!!

The next weekend, our wonderful friends in Nashville had a shower for us!  It was a wonderful party at Mike and Lisa Whitten's house.  We enjoyed getting to see everyone so much.  Again, Lillie was showered with wonderful presents.  We really got everything we needed! Matt was especially excited, we got a BOB stroller!  One of the major items Matt really wanted.  Thanks Marsha!  Thanks so much to everyone!

Lastly, the sweet girls I work with and my sweet boss hosted a baby shower for us at work.  They were so sweet to get my favorite dessert, cheesecake!, and have punch.  We enjoyed everyone getting together and really appreciated all they did for us.  Lillie is all set now! My boss' wife even came and brought his 2 adorable little girls, Sophia and Sara.  As you can, we got a little practice with Sara!  Thanks so much to Pam, Halley, Kelly, Amber and Ben!